Fresco gives you the perfect sea-swept, weathered, worn and rustic textured look.  Fresco is 100% natural and contains no VOC's.  Depending on your mix and application you will get a different end result.  Best results when used in layers.

Fusion Fresco - 400g

  • Size: 400g

    Coverage: Depends on mixture

    Fusion Fresco Whisk can be found here


    For textured finish:  Mix 1 part Fresco with 2 parts Fusion Mineral Paint.  Apply to your surface, allow to set for 10-15 minutes and knock down any lumps with your brush.  Once fully dry continue with additional colors and/or layers.


    Pro tip:  Using a stippling technique gives greater texture.


    For a matte chalky finish: Mix 2 Tbsp Fresco to 1 pint of Fusion Mineral Paint.  Apply one or more layers and allow to dry.  Wet sand with a 180-220 sanding sponge to reveal your layers and texture!

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