Fusion™ Pouring Resin will help you achieve those amazing multi-colored paint pours that are all the rage!  It dries to a smooth gloss, and can be used as a topcoat as well.


Note:  There are no specific instruction on the label for using this product, as pours can be done in several different ways with different ratios of paint and pouring resin.  It is recommended that you test your methods and product combinations prior to applying to your final project.


A good rule of thumb is to start with one part paint and one part pouring resin and adjust your consistency from there.  If it is too thin the paint will run all over the surface.  If it is too thick, it won't move the way it is supposed to.  Using this method you will likely need more resin, probably ending up at a 1.5-2:1 ratio of resin to paint.  A very small amount of water can also be used to thin the mix down a bit.


Don't worry too much about getting the correct consistency at first.  Just have fun experimenting!


For better cell formation use Fusion Cell Enhancer

Fusion Pouring Resin 500ml

  • Size: 500ml

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